BIG Product Creation Mistake (Do THIS Instead!)

Product creation is one of the many things online made too difficult by the “Goo-Roos”

It really does not have to be so hard.

One of the ways we make it too hard is by failing to ask if anyone wants your product.

Too many online entrepreneurs come up with an idea, fall in love with it, then spend weeks and months creating it, only to find they are the only ones who love it. And maybe their mom and spouse ๐Ÿ˜‰

What to Do Instead

The best way to begin successfully is ask your community 2 important questions:

Question 1 – What do you struggle with and how can I help? – The answer(s) to this question will guide you to what product to create first (or next).

Question 2 – How would you like that delivered? – One you know what they want, then you want to find out how they would most like it delivered.

Live training? Home study course? In text, audio, or video? Some combination of these?

My “Repurposing Content Secrets” course was not what I had planned on creating next. But when I asked my community what they wanted, repurposing is what they chose. Many have said it’s one of my best courses…

And consider this: when your members are asked what they want and how they want it delivered, and then you deliver it to them, they are much more likely to invest in it right away!

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