[Video] Article Marketing & Online Visibility – Bad News, Good News, and Great News

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  • Brad Lloyd

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    Thanks for sharing the awesome content on being found by you niche. No doubt, you are active with communicating with your list on a regular bases…Saturday’s & Sunday’s, too.

    Brad Lloyd here–GKIC Atlanta IBA. We met in Baltimore.

    We meet here, the second Tuesday of each Month. You are on my list, right. Please let me know if not?

    Hope to see you in person on April 12th. Please help build the Atlanta Chapter?

    Talk Soon,
    Brad Lloyd

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply

      Hey Brad!

      What time is the meeting next Tuesday?

      ~ Jeff

  • Jeff,

    Recently Google did it’s algorithm dance again. This time aimed at “content farms.” A SEO newsletter I get stated that Ezinearticles was on of the big sites negatively hit by this adjustment. http://www.capturecommerce.com/blog/link-building/the-slow-death-of-article-marketing/

    I have noticed a decrease in my subscribers since this was done. What do you suggest?

    Thanks, Ed

  • Cindy Brock

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    I’ve been having a heck of a time with EzineArticles.com. For every 10 articles I submit, 1-2 are rejected because of a link in the Resource Box. I use the same link for every article and I have no clue why these particular articles are being kicked back. Very frustrating.

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