Morning Motivationals – Episode #24

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👉 The first thing I remember doing in part because someone said I couldn’t, was making my high school football team 🏉 💯 It’s been a fun addiction pretty much since then…👍 👉🏻Join my Insta family at @thejeffherring and let’s prove ‘em all wrong ❤

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Traffic Tip #2: Consistently Get Your Content That Converts On The Sites Where The High Quality Free Traffic Is Already Going

traffic generation, content creation, content marketing

A main idea Online entrepreneurs keep overlooking is the fact that it does you no good to know where the high quality free traffic is going unless you get your content that coverts in front of it..

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3 Tips To Quickly And Easily Create Consistent High Quality Free Traffic That Work Like Magic – Part 1

traffic generation, content creation

Every online entrepreneur wants to quickly and easily create consistent high quality free traffic and that’s a fact! Here are 3 traffic generation secrets that will guide ANY online entrepreneur who needs traffic generation help to get things done a lot faster!

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An Easy 3-Part Guide To Make More Sales And Grow Your List

I really get ticked when I hear online entrepreneurs tell me about video goo-roos holding them back. When you become a online entrepreneur, there’s so much plain garbage blocking your way you can’t tell the truth from plain old BS. But this article gets down to the deep and dirty truth about the TOP 3…

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3 Marketing With Memes Tips Every Online Entrepreneur Needs

Tip #1: Choose A Compelling Graphic The main idea with this is choosing a graphic that draws in your prospect. So, this means you’ll get eyeballs on your marketing meme. This spells the difference between success and failure because eyeballs create traffic, opt-ins, and sales. 👉Tip #2: Ask A Question In The Copy The important…

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How to 2X, 3X, Even 5X Your Sales with the Same Traffic [Demo Video]

Morning Edition One of my favorite authors is Andy Andrews (in fact, he’s one of my mentors) His new book “The Little Things” is one of 2 I’ve read over and over this year, as he writes about the “little things” that help you compete at a level in which the competition doesn’t even know there’s…

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BIG Product Creation Mistake (Do THIS Instead!)

Product creation is one of the many things online made too difficult by the “Goo-Roos” It really does not have to be so hard. One of the ways we make it too hard is by failing to ask if anyone wants your product. Too many online entrepreneurs come up with an idea, fall in love…

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