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Welcome to a little experiment: Instead of scheduling a teleseminar that you have to arrange your schedule around, here is an audio (13 minutes) with brand new strategies. This way you can listen whenever you want to The New List Building.

I’d appreciate you letting me know what you think, and asking your questions in the comments section – click and share, ok?

A great way to learn more about The New List Building with Social Marketing is to check the 60 minute audio that David Perdew, Maritza Parra, Willie Crawford, Kevin Riley, Joey Smith and I made about Strategies 4 Social Marketing.

P.S. – The Audio Replay below “looks like” a video player – IT IS NOT – it is an audio player – so don’t email me saying you can’t get the video to play……;)

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  • Sarah Short

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    Hi Jeff. I listened to your audio file (whilst gazing at your logo) and I thought that this is a very cool way of delivering information: on tap, when your listener wants it, a nice “bite sized” length – perfect. I liked it so much, that I am going to use this stuff…. 🙂


  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Thanks Sarah!

    If you are “going to use this stuff” then staring at the logo did it’s job, huh?


  • Hi Jeff,

    Great information to start the day. I really like your concept of reaching people in a “variety of ways”.

    Thank you!


  • Jeff, thanks for your Sat. morning tips. I’m just starting the marketing planning on a major project, plus the book I’m writing. I told you about it :-)) I know I’ll be doing a lot more work on YouTube this year and your suggestion to get my name & YouTube linked together means that as of this morning, I went and purchased the domain! Now I’ll have to get busy and actually do something with it, but thanks a bunch for the great suggestion. Ideas like this, plus your sparkling personality of course, are why I keep coming back to you as my leader. Have a great Saturday!

  • Warren

    Reply Reply

    Thanks Jeff:

    Good “Stuff” 2 use. I’ve used your resource box tips and have noticed an increase in CTR.


  • Thanks Jeff for the information. Still working on building my list so I needed the tips

  • Hi Jeff

    You’ve solved half the problem! lol

    Living over here in the UK, it is a pain to have to listen to a call at 02.30 in the morning. So this is more convenient.

    However personally I don’t have time to sit in front of a PC and listen to a recording, so I ignore all recordings that I can’t download and play back on my MP3 player.

    Might be worth a poll to see if I’m the rule or the exception.

    Thanks for all your help over the years


  • Hi Brent!

    Thanks, glad to help your morning get going! Gone are the days when you could just rely on one “channel” to reach people – the more places you can show up with great info the more powerful your reach will be.

    Thanks for your comment Brent, I appreciate you!


  • Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on the subtle shifts in social marketing. Audio, video, words-on-a-page –doesn’t matter as long as the info is good!

  • Good stuff, Jeff. Keep up the great work on keeping us on top of the latest strategies.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Loved your audio. I have used audio like this before on my blog. This was a good reminder to do it more. Thank you for that. Would love to know how you were able to put it up with the Logo.

  • Charles Prosper

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    I love your new experiment. It is way superior than anything you have done before. Here’s why:

    1. The length is just perfect 12 minutes.

    2. You have made it less complicated than all of the formal process of registering and setting aside a special time to listen to a teleseminar.

    3. You have made it far more simple than the a Webinar which involves a little too much added technology for most people.

    This is a lean, mean delivery machine.

    Best wishes,

    Charles Prosper

  • Thanks Charles! I think we might be on to something here…

    Did you ever get the testimonial I sent for your book?


  • Gail

    Reply Reply

    I like the ability to listen when it suits me much better…partly because our time zone is different and inconvenient…. and partly because being a night owl I can listen at any odd time I choose.It also means it is easy to replay and catch bits missed etc.The time frame was also good.Too long means you put off listening until you feel you have “the time” to listen….which may be a long way off!

    Thanks Gail

  • Good stuff – as always. I have a couple of 50 minute teleseminars on my main page. The bite size chunks placed within the body of a post is a great idea! I will be swiping this great idea! Thanks, Jeff.


  • Charles Prosper

    Reply Reply

    Jeff, no, I never got your testimonial for my book. Could you resend it? If you include your mailing address, I will be happy to send you a complimentary copy. Thanks for checking again.



  • Hi Jeff,

    I like the new format – listening at my convenience is great for me. My schedule is unpredictable and I seem to miss more live teleseminars than I attend.

    As usual, thanks for the great information. I will get to work adding an opt-in page on my Facebook Fan page – thanks for the reminder.


  • Dr Robert Henry Schwenk

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff: Really enjoyed your audio presentation. Learned good stuff, as usual. Please keep up using these audios on your blog that we can consume at our leisure. As you know, time is at a premium and having the leisure to listen is important to me. Please keep up the great work.

  • I love the convenience of being able to listen when I can. As several other people noted, time zone differences make it difficult for a scheduled webinar or call to work for everyone.

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