"Consistent Content Creation allows you to play at a level where
the competition doesn't even know there's a game going on"
~ Jeff Herring

This Just In From the Blog

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Look Over My Shoulder?

Ever since I got started years ago with this online entrepreneur stuff, I've done something really strange - I invite you to look over my shoulder to see exactly how to do what I teach you to do.

I really like it because unlike so much of what you find out here online, inviting you to look over my shoulder allows you to know exactly where to get started and exactly what to do next...

Lots and lots of online entrepreneurs just like you seem to like it 😉

Make It Easy...

Sung to the tune of The Eagles "Take It Easy..." we like to take your marketing and "Make It Easy"

Below are 4 "wizard tools" designed to make some of the most common marketing tasks super easy.

Some of developed by Jim Edwards and I together, some are developed by Jim.

ALL of them "Make It Easy"

I can also be found on the sites below (not that I'm lost or anything...):

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