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Twitter Marketing – Vampiric Time Suck Or Traffic Gold Mine? (Inquiring Minds Want to Know)

“Twitter! Tweets will set you free!” ~ Jingle from The Craig Ferguson Show

Twitter is all over the place, right? But is it a gigantic waste of time or can smart marketers use it to their advantage?

When I first heard about it from friend and colleague Paul Colligan, I went and got a free account because I know, like and trust Paul.

I will admit, though, that my first thought was “Who cares what I had for lunch?” And I left it at that for a little while. Until I heard from more than one of my marketing friends that their Twitter list was becoming more responsive than their email list.

That got my attention. And we’ll take a closer look at that in just a moment. First I want to answer the question asked in the title of this article (the article does have to relate to the title, you know). Click here to read the rest of the article….

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