[ARTICLE] Your 7 Step Twitter Blueprint For a Massive Online Presence

Your 7 Step Twitter Blueprint For a Massive Online Presence (Quickly & Easily Too)

Social Marketing is a great strategy for quickly and easily building your Online Visibility. Let’s take a look at a 7 step blueprint for increasing your Online Visibility with Twitter.

1) Your name – While you might set up additional accounts at some point in the future, you want to start by securing your own name first. This is for at least two good reasons: 1) name recognition and online visibility, and 2) the focus of your business may change over time, but your name is much less likely to change.

2) Your link – On your Twitter profile you get to include a link to one of your web sites. Send folks to your main hub, which should be your WordPress blog. From your blog you can mention anything and send your visitors anywhere.

3) Your bio – This is where most beginners mess it up by talking all about themselves. Nope. Focus on your prospect. Include in your bio the benefits prospects will receive by following you. Remember, your bio is not about you.

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