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“Article Writing Secrets – A Simple 4 Step Formula for Rapid Article Writing”

Article writing is a volume game – the more articles you write, the more all your other important numbers will increase.

But how do you write lots of articles, write them fast, and still make sure they are good quality articles?

4 steps for rapid article writing

Step 1 – Make a list of tips for your topic in your niche – Don’t stop at just 7 tips. Shoot for 25, 50 , 100, just keep adding tips. Do a brain dump on the topic and include each and every tip you can think of.

Step 2 – Add to each tip – Add two to three sentences to each tip, adding information about each tip and how to use it. You want to keep this short and sweet, so I would not go past five sentences of text.

Step 3 – Break the list into chunks of seven tips – You can make it seven, three, five, ten, whatever you want. I choose seven because it is a good amount of valuable tips and less than ten so it is easier.

Step 4 – Keep adding to the list – Your list of tips is a work in progress. Keep it handy and add to it and more tips come to mind. Keep a little hand held recording device with you so you can record tips as you think about them.

In this way you will be able to generate lots of tips articles, just from your list. And then you can take each one of the tips and turn that individual tip into an article.

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  • Steve Sponseller

    Reply Reply

    When I heard you mention creating a list of 50+ tips on your call earlier in the week, I thought you were crazy! But, I’ve been generating my list of tips over the past few days and it’s now up to 72 – I guess you were right 🙂

    I have also noticed that each time I write a new article, I come up with ideas for several more articles. So, my list of articles to write is growing faster than I can write them! A good problem.

    Thanks again for the great content you provide – I’m excited to learn even more in your upcoming class.

    The Invention Coach

  • Hi Jeff ~

    Your information on writing articles has created a real shift in my thinking. The way you break things down, I can see how easy it is to generate volume and I understand why you stress the importance writing lots of articles. Since focussing on key words, and changing some of my titles, I’ve had a lot more clicks onto my website.

    Looking forward to more great information Jeff. Thank you!


  • Hi Jeff…

    Writing tip articles is so easy once you get passed any mind blocks you have! And I have lots. In fact… that’s given me a great idea for my next article! Thanks Jeff for that trigger…hmmmmmmmm.


  • Erica M Nelson

    Reply Reply

    Dear Jeff – This stuff is great! I was so focused on “perfect” that I couldn’t publish more than a handful of articles last year. Since I listened to one of your calls and signed up for your next class, I have published 14 new articles and experienced over 1300 new web hits — plus 38 click throughs. I appreciate your focus on “the big” and creative and think 50 tips not 5 tips, and not the “stuck” and perfect and waiting for the article to be exactly right.

    Erica M Nelson
    Success Coach
    Author “prospect when you are happy: move the law of attraction into action”

  • Leona

    Reply Reply

    Thanks Jeff,

    I really never thought of doing this way. I didn’t know where to start – Now I do.


  • Jeff:

    I've have been more inspired in the last week or so than I have in a really long time. I believe the cloud has lifted! YEA!!!


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