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Article Writing Secrets – A Simple 4 Step Formula for Writing Lots of Great Articles

Many people wonder, “How am I going to write my first article? How am I going to write enough to make this worthwhile to get enough traffic?”

Here’s how. I’m going to give you five simple words. It’s a four-step formula. The first step has one word. The second step has one word. The third step has two words. The fourth step has one word.

Step 1: Begin

Remember, I told you this was simple and powerful and profound when you use it. Just begin, start. Write your first article and get it out there. So start, begin. You’ve got to if you’re going to do anything with this.

Write this down, especially you perfectionists out there.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Get going!

Step 2: Continue

After you’ve begun, continue. What I have found to be very very true now that I’ve been doing it for many years is that writing is not hard. It’s sitting down to write that can be difficult, in the midst of everything else going on and how good we are at putting things off. That’s the other twin of the two P’s – perfectionism and procrastination. So after you’ve started, continue. That’s why when I send out those emails about write your first article, the subject line is “Write your first or next article this weekend or today.”

So begin…continue (that means you stay in the flow). Here’s what will happen to you. I want you to watch for it. I want you to trust that it’s coming. I want you to anticipate it and I want you to grin when it comes.

Once you’ve begun and once you continue to stay in the flow, here’s Step 3.

Step 3: Article eyes

You will begin to see, if not the entire world and everything in it that you experience, but at least your niche through article eyes.

Once you get into the flow of this – you don’t have to do it full time and live it, eat it, breathe it, living like I do – just start and just stay in the flow, continue, and you’ll begin to see at least your niche, your area of expertise, through article eyes.

Step 4: Article-ize

Step 4 is a little corny but it works, because when you start and when you continue and when you’ve been able to see the world through article eyes, you’re able to do Step 4, which is article-ize your experiences, your niche, what people say to you, what people ask you.

I challenge you, I dare you to take me up on this and do this – begin, continue – and watch what happens when you start to see things and think “I can write an article about that.” I want you to grin when it comes and send me an email.

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  • Felicia Slattery

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    This week I made it to 35 articles published at EZA! And that got me to thhinking. As a communication and public speaking coach, I teach others how to write what I call a Signature Speech to market their businesses. This post has inspired me to write a how-to article about how someone could get started writing their Signature Speech — using just one article! I’ll post it at my blog later today ( Thanks for the inspiration (it really is EVERYWHERE!!)


  • Rory Stern

    Reply Reply


    What can I say, but Felicia inspired me to comment and share my progress. And what better way to reflect on finally reaching 100 articles (101 actually) than to think back to my very first article.

    I remember struggling for almost 4 months about how to write my first article. I had every excuse in the book NOT to write my first article. I was too scared… I was too afraid… I was too much of everything…

    In fact, I even helped someone write their very first article today (and in the process wrote a few more of my own).

    But today I have reached Step 4. Every opportunity is an article that I can create and relate to my niche. It took a while to make it to Step 4, but I love writing articles and seeing articles everywhere.

    Here’s to at least 100 more in the next 100 days.

    Thank you for everything Jeff. I don’t know where I would be today without your continued support and guidance.


  • Rory is right, you have inspired me to keep writing. In the last 2 years I wrote 5 articles relating to my ebook at and my tile artwork at, and since reading your materials for a week I have written 2 more for each of my businesses! I think you shame us into it by reminding us how easy it is ONCE WE JUST GET GOING! haha Thanks for being so passionate! We are th elucky ones who LOVE what we do.

  • Congratulations to all of you! Those articles are like little robots, working hard to promote you 24/7/365, or 366 this year. Keep on writing and watch your business grow.

  • Richard Ross

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    Great advice, especially about step 1…I know that many people are involved with both twins, perfectionism and procrastination. I think the hardest part is sitting down and just using this stuff. But when one follows your advice it’s amazing how simple and easy it is. I wrote my first article last week and literally from start to finish took 1 hour and I think it was pretty good. I think with practice I could get that down to 30-40 mins.

    Also this blog post is an example of two other great bits of advice you always give 1. write with your mouth (as I heard you utter most of this article the other day in your teleseminar and 2. repurpose, you gave out this advice in a teleseminar, it’s on your blog and I’ll bet it’s an article published somewhere as well (at least in some form).

  • Mary Simpson

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    I’m just getting started with article marketing although I’ve written quite few published articles for print publications. I also just found this site, so I’m enjoying the information and material I’m finding here. And yes, this article is right-on. Thanks a bunch!


  • My 33rd article was published a week ago. With 10 articles in draft, I am finding more ideas every day. Jeff, you’re a great mentor. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

  • Thanks Jeff for the formula! And also thanks for all the encouragement.

    I used to suffer big time with perfectionism… but over the last few years I’ve got it under control (kind of) and it doesn’t paralyse me as much as it used to… it served me well while I was at Uni but it no longer does!

    I realise that it’s so important just to make a start — you can modify what you’ve done as you go. As Nike says: “Just Do It!”


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