Article Writing – How to Write 100 Articles in 100 Days – A Case Study on Power Article Writing

Here is my best article on Article Writing for 2007:

Article writing is the beginning of your article marketing business. If you are going to market your articles, you have to write your articles.

Profound statement, huh?

The reality about article marketing is that the higher your article volume, the higher all your other numbers (traffic, prospects, subscribers, customers, profits) will be.

So the question then becomes “How can you write as many great quality articles in as little time as possible?”

100 Articles in 100 Days

Connie Green, one of my students and mentees, and now one of my partners, not only impressed me this spring, but just really blew me away when she set a goal to write 100 articles in 100 days.

Unfortunately she did not make it. It only took her 78 days to do it.

Now that is impressive!

How she did it

Anyone can set a goal. It’s the rare person that knows how to get their goal.

According to Connie, there were three central factors that helped her achieve her goal of 100 articles in 100 days.

1 . She used a set of templates or outlines for her articles – As a member of my mentee program, Connie gets my article writing templates for free. What set her apart from other mentees or purchasers of the templates is she use them, and used them in a big way!

2. She wrote regularly – Connie made writing several articles a day a priority. Making writing an article or two a part of your business day gets you in the flow of writing and keeps you in the flow of writing.

3. She began to see and continues to see article ideas everywhere – Many newbie article marketers wonder how they will find enough ideas to write enough articles. Once you get in and stay in the flow of writing articles, you begin to see article ideas everywhere.

Congratulations to Connie! And by the way, Connie did not stop writing when she met her goal. As of this writing July 21, 2007, Connie has 125 published articles on, and many more in development.

I’d like to see you too use these tips to write more articles. 

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And coming tomorrow, the best Article Submission article of 2007…so stay  tuned!

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  • Holly SMOKE!!!!! That is so impressive – exactly what I needed to see. Thank you Connie for the inspiration.

    I am one of those people who bought the templates, got amazed by tem (they are truly awesome), and yet – put them aside.

    No more! – I am rushing to write, right NOW!

    Sunny greetings,

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    CONNIE – Congrats on surpassing 300 articles by New Year’s Day!

    While I’m grateful for your kind comments about the Instant Article Writing Templates, remember that you are the one who did the work to get to 300 articles AND GROWING!

    WANDA – Can’t wait to see what you are gonna do with the Instant Article Templates. Check out Connie’s articles on so you can see how she used them.

    Here’s to a great 2008!


  • I personally know Connie Ragen Green and she is an incredibly awesome person. She has been my encouragement and a mentor of sorts. I have just submitted my 50th article, something I did not think I would do in my wildest dreams. My websites and blogs have blossomed and I can’t wait to work along side her in 2008 Thank you Jeff for all you were for Connie because like the ripple effect it is encouraging and inspiring people everywhere, including me.

  • Wow! Congratulations, Connie! That’s truly inspiring!

    Now I can’t help thinking what a great New Year’s resolution that would make! I just sent in my 11th article and hope to have a few more before the year is over, and then… I’ll have to see how it goes before I make a committment like that, but it’s an almost irresistable challenge 😉

    I tend to be a slow poke writer, and all those strategies to speed things up seemed heresy at first but I’m beginning to see the benefits — and I’ve gotten faster already.

    I have also noticed that I’m getting more visitors, and my list is showing signs of growth! And it’s so exciting to go look at how many people have read my articles yet! A bit addictive actually.

    One thing that fascinates me at the moment (and there’s an article about that in the works): which of my articles are popular in which directory! My last one in had more readers within the first 5 days than all the other nine taken together, and some of those have been up for a month or more. On the other hand, the least popular there is by far the most popular in another directory! Oh, and the article I just sent in was a follow-up article to the wildly popular one 😉

    Thanks Jeff for all the great info (the keywords & titles article is especially useful) and the encouragement!

    Here’s to a VERY productive 2008!


  • Hey Jeff,
    After your Anniversary Teleseminar I “went out and did this stuff.” My first article submitted to Ezine was accepted! I’m on a roll!

    Thank you for all your encouragement! 2008’s gonna be GREAT!

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