Article Writing – How to Write 100 Articles in 100 Days – A Case Study on Power Article Writing

Here is my best article on Article Writing for 2007:

Article writing is the beginning of your article marketing business. If you are going to market your articles, you have to write your articles.

Profound statement, huh?

The reality about article marketing is that the higher your article volume, the higher all your other numbers (traffic, prospects, subscribers, customers, profits) will be.

So the question then becomes “How can you write as many great quality articles in as little time as possible?”

100 Articles in 100 Days

Connie Green, one of my students and mentees, and now one of my partners, not only impressed me this spring, but just really blew me away when she set a goal to write 100 articles in 100 days.

Unfortunately she did not make it. It only took her 78 days to do it.

Now that is impressive!

How she did it

Anyone can set a goal. It’s the rare person that knows how to get their goal.

According to Connie, there were three central factors that helped her achieve her goal of 100 articles in 100 days.

1 . She used a set of templates or outlines for her articles – As a member of my mentee program, Connie gets my article writing templates for free. What set her apart from other mentees or purchasers of the templates is she use them, and used them in a big way!

2. She wrote regularly – Connie made writing several articles a day a priority. Making writing an article or two a part of your business day gets you in the flow of writing and keeps you in the flow of writing.

3. She began to see and continues to see article ideas everywhere – Many newbie article marketers wonder how they will find enough ideas to write enough articles. Once you get in and stay in the flow of writing articles, you begin to see article ideas everywhere.

Congratulations to Connie! And by the way, Connie did not stop writing when she met her goal. As of this writing July 21, 2007, Connie has 125 published articles on, and many more in development.

I’d like to see you too use these tips to write more articles. 

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And coming tomorrow, the best Article Submission article of 2007…so stay  tuned!

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