Article Traffic Series – Part 2 – Regular & Consistent Traffic

Article Marketing Secrets – Discover How to Get Regular and Consistent Traffic With Your Articles

Do you know how to create a regular, consistent and endless flow of traffic with your articles? Read on to discover exactly how to pull this off.

Regular & consistent traffic

This is about getting a consistent flow over time. I know that articles that I had approved last week, two weeks, three weeks ago, five weeks ago are still bringing in traffic for me and will for ever.

We’ll talk about that under long-term traffic tomorrow. But think about this. Whatever pace you’re on – an article a month, an article a week, an article a day – if you’re doing an article a day and give yourself a couple days off a week, you know that every time you do that behind you is an article that’s out there working for you while you’re putting in other articles.

It just continues to compound and just continues to build.

Once that article is launched, it’s always there working for you.

The other neat thing about this is let’s say that you wrote 10 articles and they’re out there working for you, and on one of my teleseminars you learn something about titles or descriptions or the resource box.

“Oh wow, I didn’t do that in that article. Gosh, I wish I had known that.”

You can go back and edit those articles. They change on the article directory. If somebody has taken that article and used it somewhere else, you can’t do anything about that, but you can change your articles on EzineArticles as you learn.

Bottom line? – If you want a regular and consistent flow of traffic then write and submit your articles regularly and consistently.

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  • Laurel

    Reply Reply

    Great tips! I can’t wait to try them out.

  • Martha Rather

    Reply Reply

    I really appreciate this tip. I like the idea of writing about something that is worth longevity and not just something to throw away.

    You certainly offer high quality teaching with clarity.

    Martha Rather “The Holistic Cookie — Increase the Quality of your Diet Easily and with Less Effort”

  • That’s what I love about article marketing. It’s almost like a great big savings account for articles — they keep working for you, and it’s all cumulative, i.e., with compounding interest. Way cool!

    And I would have never realized this without YOUR teachings! Thanks, Jeff!



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