Article Traffic Series – Part 1 – Immediate Traffic

Article Marketing Secrets – Discover How to Get Immediate Traffic With Your Articles

Here’s what happens when you submit an article.

Once it gets approved you’re going to get an initial boost in your visitors. It’s just a regular, expected, guaranteed boost in your visitors to your website.

I want to drive home some points here. What if when you got up each day you didn’t hope you could get more traffic to your website, you didn’t think you could get more traffic to your website, you knew you could by putting together 250 or more words?

That’s what happens. You get that initial burst of traffic. It’s brand new material and, especially if you’ve developed a following, people are looking for your stuff.

Your immediate traffic

Over at EzineArticles you can apply to get alerts, just like you do with Google alerts.

What you can do there is whatever your niche is, you just go in and you give them your email and click on what articles you want to get alerts about.

So every day they will send you every newly approved article from Ezine Articles straight to your email. I’ve got them for all the different things I’m interested in. What I want to do is make sure that each and every day in the Article Marketing and Article Writing category that at least one of my articles is in that email alert that’s delivered to thousands of people.

That’s just one of the ways your traffic automatically boosts. Go over there to Ezine Articles and use the alerts, both to keep track of what other people in your niche are writing, which is so simple, and to see your own stuff get sent out there and to motivate you to get out frequent articles so your articles will appear in the alerts.

Think about this. Can you string together 250 intelligent words a day into an article? With the 7=8 instant article writing template that makes it easy. You make a list of 7 things and then you write an article about each tip. That’s one way to do it.

So that’s the benefit of the immediate traffic. Remember we’re creating endless waves of traffic with your international article agents.

Bottom Line? – Want an immediate boost in traffic? Write another article. And you can learn more about how to do it when you watch 3 free short videos on creating endless waves of visitors wtih your articles and video articles by going to
From Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy and Article Traffic Explosion

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  • Jeff –

    This is an incredible tip, and just another reminder of why it is so important to keep writing and keep working on the business each and every day.



  • Melanie R. Jordan

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff,

    This initial burst is definitely true as I have witnessed it first-hand myself once I started regularly submitting articles again. I too will sign up for the ezine articles alerts as I only have Yahoo and Google alerts that I currently monitor.

    Melanie R. Jordan
    Co-Author “Winning At The Foreclosure Game: Making Your Fortune With Empathy And Ethics”

  • Thanks for this informative blog Jeff, I’ve Google alerts but haven’t signed up for e-zine articles alerts yet. I’ll do so today.

  • “international article agents” – I love that phrase, that’s exactly what they are, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…

    Keep up the inspirational work Jeff…

  • This is pure genius, as usual! I am going to also practice your slogan, GUTS “Go Use This Stuff!”

  • Quick Penmanship

    Reply Reply

    Thanks for a great post, Jeff! As always, you have provided information that can be used immediately…and that is up to the minute and timely.

  • Jeanne May

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff…

    I didn’t know about the alert at EzineArticles… what a great idea and motivator. I’ll go and set that up — I know I get kind of lazy with writing articles and often put it on the bottom of my to do list so the topic today was what I needed!


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