ARTICLE: The Top 7 Reasons to Create Video Articles For More Traffic Now!

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youtube, video, video marketing, jeff herring,video articlesPractical Video Marketing Tips – The Top 7 Reasons to Create Video Articles For More Traffic Now!

If you are not doing Video Marketing you are leaving traffic and profits on the table. Besides that great reason, do you know the top 7 reasons to create Video Articles?

You’ll find the top 7 reasons and tips below:

1. Actually faster than a written article – I know that sounds crazy but it has been my experience. Once you get in the flow of this, it really can take you less time to create a Video Article than a text article. I still remember the first time that happened and I just thought it was a fluke. Now it is a consistent event.

2. Tools have never been cheaper or easier – I remember two things from when I first started: Click here to read the rest of the article…

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  • Video is a must in Internet Marketing. The search engines love blogs and they love video. Put them together and you've got a marriage made in heaven!
    Video establishes you as the Experts Expert…it really ramps up your credibitily.
    And is it anywonder? Did you know people remember:
    10% of what they read
    20% of what they hear
    30% of what they see
    BUT they remember 50% of what they see AND hear!
    Therefore Video empowers you to be seen, heard and remembered on the internet by 40% more people than those who communicate with the written word alone!!
    Now that's compelling!!

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    I agree viral video marketing is a great concept that tackles so many factors, with the growth of media over the last decade. Great info, I'll see how this improves the volume and demographic of my traffic.

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