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Article Submission Secrets – Get the First Four Words Right In Your Article Title

Good article marketing requires you to get your title right, especially the first four words of your article title.

The title below sounds good –

How to Build a Massive Web Presence With Your Articles

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well, on the internet that title stinks. Actually when I do in-person seminars and I teach this to a large group at this point I have everybody yell, “Jeff, that title sucks!” I won’t ask you to do the same.

Here’s what happens. When somebody types in keywords looking for your information, Google or Yahoo or whatever search engine, their job is to go out into the world of the internet, find the best results for that keyword or keyword phrase, and bring it back to you.

That happens about a million times in the time that I’ve been explaining this last sentence. Boom, boom, boom – those little search engine spiders are crawling out there just faster than you can imagine.

They come to your article title and they read this title – How to Build A…– and there’s no keywords in those first four words, and they’re gone.

So don’t waste your first four words with things like ‘the’ or ‘a’ and no keywords.

Titles that rock

The solution is simple.

How to Build a Massive Web Presence With Your Articles


Article Marketing Secrets – How to Build a Massive Web Presence With Your Articles.

Article marketing – boom. The first two words are my keywords.

So don’t waste your first four words in the title of your article.

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  • Nice! Now this is a really good tip that can improve an article. I've been working hard the headlines for articles and it takes some work to make the headline sing. But it's worth it as Jeff lay outs so well.

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