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Article Marketing Secrets – Which of These 3 Resource Box Mistakes Are You Making?

Successful article marketing requires you to create a resource box that brings the reader back to your web site or blog.

The problem is many people make some common mistakes. So here is what not to do in your resource box and what a resource box is not.

A resource box is not

It is not a virtual ego wall – Many people treat it this way. They want to tell all about themselves and all about all their accomplishments. An ego wall is that thing in somebody’s office where they have all their diplomas and their pictures of famous people.

A virtual ego wall is an ego wall online. People turn the resource box into a virtual ego wall, which leads then to our next point.

It is not all about you – When I teach resource box crafting, it has to pass the ‘who cares’ test. It’s not all about you. It’s about the reader and what other benefit they can get.

It is not something that you rush through – What a lot of people do is they go over to the article directories and they put in their keywords and they put in their title and their description and then they put in their article body, and they’re down to the resource box and they’re tired and they want out of there. So they just throw something together to get it done.

This is not something to rush through. If you do everything else in your article well – it’s titled well, described well, written well, people are knowing you, liking you, trusting you, wanting more from you – and you blow the resource box, you’ve wasted your entire time because the resource box is how you get them back to your website.

So get this wrong, you’ve wasted your time. Get this right and you’ve got it made!

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  • Good advice. If only it were only the resource boxes that were badly written though 🙂

    I find myself wading through piles of abysmal writing every day just to find a handful of quality articles.

    Yes, it’s a bit of a hint – if any of your readers would like to contribute to our general directory, we are focusing on quality over quantity and we would welome their submissions 🙂

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