Article Submission Secrets – A Great Formula for Prospect & Profit Pulling Titles for Your Articles

Powerful article marketing requires that you write a great title for your articles.

So here is just one of my formulas for a great title – Keywords – Benefits – Keywords. Use your keywords in the beginning of your title, make sure you make the benefit(s) clear, and then use your keywords again.

So let’s unpack this formula so you can use it.

My Article Title Formula – Keywords – Benefit(s) – Keywords

Keywords – Most article titles online fail from the start because they do not include keywords in the first four words of the title.”The Top Seven Benefits of Writing Online Articles” sounds like a great title, but on the internet it is not. The search engines read the first four words”The Top Seven Benefits”

and see no keywords and decide the article is not about article writing and do not deliver it to the online searcher.

So we would change the title to “Article Writing – The Top Seven Benefits of Writing Articles Online.”

Benefits – Benefits are a must have in your article title. It’s so easy to include benefits that it’s a shame so many writers don’t do it. In the article title we are using for an example here, I let the reader know there are seven benefits inside the article. Simple as that.

Keywords – It’s also fairly easy to use your keywords again in your article title. This is one of the ways in which writing online articles is different from writing any other kind of article. Online, the longer the title the better. Longer titles give the search engines more words to find and allows you to use your keywords again in your article title.

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  • Marlene

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    Thank you, this is very helpful. I just published a new article in my photo-genie blog on shortcuts for freelance photographers. I used one of your templates. I think it turned out pretty good. I will be more aware of “titles” now after reading this article.

    Thanks again, Article Guy.

    Marlene 🙂

  • Thank you Jeff for extending your hand out to help the common man. The information that you give is very helpful and will make a differance for every future article I write. Thank you

  • sasikrishna

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    fantastic informations…keep it up…

  • I’ve just come up with a great title for my article from reading this article. I didn’t realize that the search engines read the first four words in the title of an article.

    This has been a great help. Thanks Jeff.

  • Roger

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    Thank You Jeff,

    I have been looking for information regarding article writing for some time, and this is just what I need to further my online business.


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    thanks jeff for the article marketing info

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