Article Marketing Video Tip – "Write with Your Mouth, Not with Your Hands"

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  • Katherine Harms

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    I am a writer, and I learned about you through Rosey Dow. Writing is what I do, and writing is what I like to do. Along with reading.
    I am profoundly weary of videos. I do not frequent You-tube. Why is everybody so eager to see people and listen to them talk? I want to read information, not listen to it. I can read and annotate an article in less time than it takes for me to listen to some ugly, wandering video. And reading is silent. I like that. Why did writers cave in to video? Doesn’t anyone actually read any more?

  • Jeff Herring

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    Katherine – Thank you for taking the time to share your unique perspective.

    As a reader, I too love the written word. My question to you would be

    “Why does it have to be either/or? Why not have both the written word and the spoken and “seen” word?”

  • Great thread here.

    We thing that as humans are all unique, and we all have certain and unique ways we like to receive and process information.

    But as marketer it’s not what we want, it’s what our markets wants that’s the driving force.

    As we all know there are 5 senses that we use on a daily basis to process incoming information. And we all use these 5 senses differently.

    So our jobs as teachers/marketers is to involve as many of the 5 senses as possible.

    — Pat & Lorna

  • I love to read and prefer a book or paper page to the computer page any day. But watching a video is a welcome break for business, intro or tutorial related topics. I wouldn’t choose video over the joy of reading a book for pleasure. As a writer, I prefer speaking to typing and am thrilled this option is so popular. I am about to launch an audio based service to augment and expand upon my website and print articles. Maybe video is next, I don’t know. So far, I find that most videos I watch don’t make it to the end before they stop. I expect this will eventually be solved as the technology improves.

  • Devon Young

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    I submitted my first article about a week ago and was thrilled to get an e-mail. The submission site thought I had “lifted” my article from a service, so I took that as a compliment because it must have come across as professional. I am waiting to hear back on that one but am writing a second to see what the reaction is to that.

    I do write with my voice not with my hands. It gives my work a unique personal quality.

    My latest book project is an experiment; I am publishing “We ARE Sarah Palin” as it is being written, giving my readers a chance to “read over my shoulder” as I am writing. Get a free copy at my web site.

  • Coral M.

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    Hi, I like the idea of transcribing teleseminars. Do you have any suggestions for transcription services?

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