Article Marketing Video Tip – Making Money with Your Articles

In this video you will learn and discover:

  • 2 indirect strategies for making money with your articles
  • How to look at each of your articles and see not just one product, you’ll be able to see multiple products with each article!


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Jeff Herring

Discover 5 simple steps for 6 figure success online with content marketing.


  • Brigitte

    Reply Reply

    Thank you for this great Video Tip
    I love using articles as a strategy and very inspired to start Video on my Blog

    Brigitte Nadeau

  • Shaun Bates

    Reply Reply

    Well I find this whole notion of looking at article marketing as a way to create information products a fascinating and exciting possibility in this so called information age.

    I think I want to explore both these areas this year and sense I will be both tuning in here more often and more importantly as you said at the very end of your video… “Apply this stuff”

    I’m very interested to see how I could create an e-course or e-book from my own knowledge gained over the years.

    Thanks for offering your insights and expertise on what is possible. Seeing and hearing a person explain these things is a great way for me to learn more. I really apprecicate what I can learn and apply here. Keep doing what you are doing. Love it!!!

  • Juliet

    Reply Reply

    Thank you for this video – it’s great, and for 2 reasons.
    1. You remind us about the importance of link backs to help your google rating,
    2. To repurpose everything you do into other modalities – articles to mini-ecourse, teleseminar, radio segment, etc.

    It has reminded me of an empassioned blog I wrote recently where one respondent commented “This needs to be printed out on a pamphlet we can all buy and hand to ever “seller” we’ve got!” Have I done that for him yet? I have not. I just thanked him for his nice feedback. But with your inspiration, I’m away to get it sorted out.

    Cha-ching! Thanks, Jeff.

  • Judy H. Wright

    Reply Reply

    Hello from beautiful Montana:

    Hey Jeff, this is great. I have a webcam, so now I just need to do it!! Thanks for the kick in the seat.

    Judy H. Wright aka AuntieArtichoke, the storytelling trainer for a free ebook

  • Hi Jeff… your video was great. There’s something about seeing a face that makes the message sink in a little more for me!


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