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Article Marketing & Traffic Generation – Are You Making Any of These 3 Deadly Mistakes? (Are You?)

Traffic Generation Mistake #1 – Failure to realize the traffic power of Article Marketing – When some people hear Article Marketing, they think “Oh no, I have to write, that sounds like work.” Well, if you make it like writing was in school, well then, you are right. But if you make it a simple process and system to create small samples of your expertise that bring big rewards, then you have some leverage.

What to do instead – Get it that Article Marketing is Click here for the rest of the strategies…

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Jeff Herring

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  • Hello Jeff,

    Today I realized the importance of being consistent in the multi-purposing of my articles. You have sent this article out a number of different ways over the past few days and each time I thought, “I really need to read this one”, however I never did until this morning.

    I had been only sending mine out once or twice, not smart! Because here I am VERY interested in the topic and I saw it a number of times before I took action.

    Thanks for yet another great lesson!!

    See you at NAMS in August, we are really looking forward to it!!!

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Carla – looking forward to seeing you at NAMS 4 too!

    “the importance of being consistent in the multi-purposing of my articles”

    You experienced it, and you got it!

    So many are afraid of doing this, cuz they might “bug someone.” Yeah, kinda like Starbucks bugs people 🙂

    ~ Jeff

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