Article Marketing to Drive Highly Qualified Traffic to Your Web Site or Blog – 3 Part Series

Today begins a 3 part series on How to Use Article Marketing to Drive Highly Qualified Visitors to Your Websites and Blogs.

Part One

Article marketing is a great way to drive highly qualified visitors and prospects to your website.

Step One – Write lots of great quality articles – The higher your article volume, the higher all your other numbers are going to be. This includes highly qualified visitors to your web site. Write articles that are good enough to represent you well on the internet, give the reader good information, encourage the reader to know, like and trust you, and leave them wanting more from you. Write about the what, the why, and just enough of the how to give the reader something to do and something to take action on. Which leads to…..

Coming tomorrow…

Step Two – Craft a prospect pulling resource box

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