Article Marketing Tips – How to Put the Power of the 3 R's of Article Marketing to Work For You

Article Marketing has many advantages for you, the online entrepreneur. Here are three of the biggest advantages that you can leverage right away.

The 3 R’s of Article Marketing

The 3 R’s of Article Marketing are Reach, Repurposing and Results. Let’s take a closer look at each of these powerful advantages.

Reach – I define “marketing reach” as being able to reach as many prospects as possible with as little human effort as possible. Does that mean I am lazy? No, I am anything but. But you could go door to door to get your message out or you could work much more intelligently and much more virally.

When you create an article and put it on the Article Directories you have turned your 300 – 500 word sample of your expertise into an “evergreen international article agent.” For example, just one article that I posted to the Article Directories in August of 2005 still receives and average of 1500+ views a month for something I did over 3 years ago at the time of this writing. That’s reach!

Repurposing – Extending your reach with your articles on the article directories is just one way to use your articles. In order to work smarter and not harder you can take that same 300 – 500 word article and turn it into other multiple marketing messages. This is called repurposing.

You can take one simple article and turn it into a blog post, a teleseminar, a video article, an ebook, an ecourse, and we are just getting started. In this way you are able to work once (create the article) and then turn it into other multiple marketing messages (repurposing).

Results – Here are just some of the results you will get from consistent article marketing:

More traffic and visitors to your website or blog

More prospects for your products and services

More subscribers to your newsletters and give-aways

More listeners to your teleseminars

More customers for your products and services

More profits in your pockets.

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