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Here are 5 Article Marketing Articles for you, complete with tips and tools you can use right away. Each link will open in a separate browser so that you can come back and read all five.

And if you want to use any of these articles on your own web site, blog or newsletter, you can get the entire article at EzineArticles when you click on the links below, just include the article in its entirety with the Resource Box.

Article Marketing Questions – How Do You Make Money With Article Marketing? (Oh Yes You Can)

Practical Article Marketing Tips – 7 Ways to Improve Your Resource Box For More Traffic & Profit

Article Marketing Questions – How Do I Get Traffic to My Article? (Only If You Want Lots of Traffic)

Article Marketing and Traffic Generation – How to Use Social Marketing Sign Posts For More Traffic

Article Marketing Questions – What is Article Marketing? (Nice to Begin With the Basics)

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Jeff Herring

Discover 5 simple steps for 6 figure success online with content marketing.


  • DeAnna Troupe

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    Great tips, Jeff! Just what I needed to get back in the groove of things after a very long hiatus.

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    DeAnna – Glad to get you back in the groove!

    ~ Jeff

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Peter – It really does act like magic, doesn’t it?

    ~ Jeff

  • Jeff, thank you for sharing these tips and info with us.

    I only started writing articles with two months ago and already I have nearly a thousand views and over 100 click-throughs – magic.

    Your articles are just the ticket to give me a boost to write more!

    Many thanks for the inspiration.

  • Thanks Jeff! Was talking about article marketing at a networking meeting today and recommended you. Then you r email came through, so I have just sent it on to everyone so they can quickly access these 5 articles to get them started. How did I convince them of the value of article marketing? My top article has been viewed over 9000 times now with a 19.5% click through rate. See, I have been and gone and used that stuff! 😉

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  • Thanks, Jeff! My husband and I have been following you for awhile and love your advice. I’m using your article on “Article Marketing Questions – What is Article Marketing? (Nice to Begin With the Basics)”. I like starting with the basics, and I love being able to share these resources with friends.


  • Dr Joe

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    Hi Jeff,
    I would be very interested to learn article Marketing from you since you seem to be so experienced I am a good writer I work as a freelancer but I have not got the grip of what article marketing is. I hope I will hang around here and learn so much.
    Thank you
    Dr. Joe

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