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Is Submitting Your Articles to Article Directories a Waste of Time?

Q: I’d like your opinion on something. An internet business friend claims that submitting articles to article directories is a waste of time. She says to put all the articles on my website, and the search engines will find me because of the content and strategically used keywords, etc. She says I should just have tons of content on my site. What do you think?

A: Well, I’ve got two answers to your question, and I’m really glad you asked it.

1. Your “internet business friend” is not only wrong, she is very wrong about submitting your articles to the articles directories. There is so much misinformation on the internet, and it really bugs me when I hear about stuff like this.

Thing of it this way – in what way could it possibly be a waste of time to spread samples of your expertise all over the internet that are working for you 24/7 all over the world? This is exactly what happens when you submit your articles to the article directories.

2. Where your “internet business friend” is correct is on the benefits of having your articles on your own web site. This is a good strategy to use and just makes sense.

Now here is my question to you: Why not do both? Why not have your articles on your own web site or blog and submit them to the article directories and have them spread all over the internet?

You can also use your articles on social networking sites and turn them into audios and videos.

So in the final analysis you want to do both and more with your articles.

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