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Article Marketing Secrets – How to Build a Massive Web Presence with Your Articles


Creating a massive web presence with article marketing is really not that difficult. It’s quite do-able if you are willing to invest the time and energy.

Once one of your articles goes viral you have begun to build a web presence with that one article.

How to create a massive web presence

Here are some simple steps to take to create a massive web presence with your articles.

Step 1 – Write a great quality article on a topic in your niche.

Step 2 – Submit it first to EzineArticles, the largest article directory with the most traffic.

Step 3 – Submit your article to other top ranked article directories.

Step 4 – Submit your article to niche article directories. You can find these by typing in your keywords into Google or Yahoo followed by the phrase “article directory.”

Step 5 – Submit your article to your own article directory in your niche.

Step 6 – Do this over and over again.

Benefits of a massive web presence

Let’s say we’ve got Speaker 1 and Speaker 2, and the meeting planner is trying to decide which one of these speakers to hire. They’re equal in skill, they’re equal in topic, and they’re reasonably equal in fee.

The meeting planner does a little internet search and they find a couple of hits for Speaker 1. But Speaker 2, they do a Google search for their name and find dozens and dozens and dozens and perhaps hundreds of hits because of all the articles they’ve written.

Which speaker is the meeting planner going to hire?

And you can build the same kind of massive web presence with your articles.

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  • Jimmy

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    I have been doing article marketing for a couple of months and I have people clicking on my link in the resource box but thats it..No sales yet…so I guess I could say that the traffic I am getting isnt targeted traffic…

    Do you suggest using an article submission service?

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