Article Marketing Tip – 3 Work Models & Priority Notification

For Labor Day – 3 Work Models – Ultimate Work Model for Product Creation

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Jeff Herring

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  • Jeff, I got a chuckle when you slipped up and prefaced with the much more natural, “If you…” versus the NLP-laden “When you…” I rather prefer the former, as a recipient of the message, since the latter strikes me as too presumptuous and actually makes me more resistant.

  • Yup. I’m all for getting paid and paid and paid etc. Still working on it though, and thankful for your continued inspiration and guidance on the path to actually making it happen.

  • Hey Jeff,
    We like model #4 which is “To Play When We Work”, which is just a subset of model #3.
    Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to play we go…Hi Ho. Hi Ho…
    — Pat & Lorna

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