Article Marketing – The Powerful Cure For the Struggle to Get Consistent Traffic to Your Web Site

trafficConsistent traffic generation is one of the biggest struggles faced by online entrepreneurs. The cure for consistent traffic generation is Article Marketing.

While that may sound like a rather bold statement, I’m going to spend the rest of this article demonstrating that it is true.

The cure for consistent traffic generation

One of the biggest problems I hear from my clients and members goes something like this”

 “I can get traffic started to my site at first but I can’t get consistent traffic”

Let’s solve this common problem by taking a closer look at how to get three types of traffic: immediate, consistent, and long-term.

Immediate, consistent and long-term traffic

The cure for immediate traffic

The cure for immediate traffic is simple and has never been easier than it is now: Create a 400 – 500 word sample of your expertize on a specific topic in your niche (sometimes called an article). Submit it to and have it published on EzineArticles, the number one Article Directory that get 1 million plus unique visitors a day. Then announce your article on Twitter and Facebook, with a link to your article, and you will get immediate traffic.

Stop and think about this for a moment. Get good at this process and you can get immediate traffic whenever you want it.

The cure for consistent traffic

The cure for consistent traffic has two parts to it:

1) Consistently create good quality articles, with useable information, and get them out on the internet. In this way, the surge of immediate traffic becomes a consistent and regular experience for you.

2) Consistently and regularly refer people back to your articles. Use them in your blog. Create video articles. Follow up the launch of each article with several mentions on your Social Marketing platforms. Use them as teach examples with students and clients.

The equation here is simple: the more articles you have out on the Internet working for you the more consistent your traffic will be.

The cure for long term traffic

The cure for long term traffic comes as you get more and more articles out there, and people begin to consistently find them over time. An article that you may have written 6 months ago may be old to you, but to the person searching for the information and solutions you provide, it’s a brand new article to them when they find it.

Not sure it can work this way? Let me give you an example: I have one article, written in August of 2005, that still consistently bring in…stand by a moment, let me check the most recent stats…yep, it’s still averaging well over 1500 new views each month. That’s 1500 new prospects reading this one article…a month.

And that folks, is the cure for consistent and long term traffic struggles.

Best way to get started on solving the consistent traffic challenge: 

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