[Article Marketing] – The Death of Article Marketing Has Been Greatly Exaggerated (Even Better Now)

The notion that Article Marketing is dead has been around for a long time. Those that promote this notion have used the Google Panda and Penguin Updates as proof.

Here’s what the Panda and Penguin Updates did: they cleared out the crap so the cream could rise.

Those trumpeting the death of Article Marketing typically have their own agenda to push, like their latest “here-today-gone-by-the-end-of-the-day” flash in the pan replacement.

My agenda

Now, by my own admission, I also have an agenda to push:

Article Marketing has worked for years, and when done correctly, works even better now.

An article I wrote 7 years ago still brings in brand new prospects everyday. An article I wrote 7 days ago is currently bringing in new prospects every day, and I expect it to continue to do so for days and years to come.

I have hundreds of students who are using this strategy everyday to build 6 figure businesses. Just last week a very high level student was thrilled to discover that she could buy a unique domain name and have it forwarded to her profile on an Article Directory, thus being able to quickly and easily send new prospects to her articles when she does radio interviews.

I’m constantly amazed and amused that I get to use and teach Article Marketing for a great living. You may not know this as my students do, but I’m the guy that never finished his Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy back in the day because some of my professors told me I couldn’t write, and I believed them.

Fast forward several years later and one of those same professors signed up for one of my Content Creation Workshops. That was a happy day…

I want to pause a moment to draw your attention to something I said a moment ago that could be easily missed. Two paragraphs above I said: “… use and teach Article Marketing…”

The key phrase there is use and teach.”

This is important for many reasons, one of which is that there are three types of teachers online.

Type 1: Someone who has gone to seminar or read a special report on a topic, has never done it themselves, and is going to teach it to you. (Note paragraph 3 above.) Here I recommend my RLH Prescription: Run Like Hell!

Type 2: Someone who has done what they are going to teach you but no longer do it themselves. Approach with caution: you may be able to learn something useful, but you will not learn what is working now because they are no longer using it.

Type 3: Someone who has done what they are going to teach you and is still doing it now and plan to in the future. This is where you should invest your money and yourself. It’s what I do.

When you use Article Marketing in the correct and profitable way, you are able to do all of the 5 things you need for success online:

  • Content Creation
  • Online Visibility
  • Traffic Generation
  • List Building
  • Product Creation

A great way to get started with Article Marketing and these 5 things you need for success online is to claim your Free Instant Access to 2 of my best Content Creation Templates when you visit http://JeffHerring.com/2contentcreationtemplates

Just plug in your information and create prospect and profit pulling content whenever you need it.


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