Article Marketing – The 5 Keys To Recession-Proofing Your Business With Article Marketing

Article marketing is a great way to recession-proof your business in these, and in any, economic times.

Here are the top 5 reasons and ways to recession proof your business with article marketing.

1. People want and need information – Especially in uncertain times, people want and need information. You get to be the person that supplies that information in your area of expertise. Articles are a wonderful slice of your expertise.

2. Article Marketing is free – You get to reach thousands of people with your information and invite them to your web site and you get to do it for free. Your only cost is time and effort. Tell me what other resource allows you to do this.

3. Extends your reach – What does it mean to extend your reach? Extending your reach means being able to reach more and more people and prospects through more and more avenues. Many of these people will be those you could not and would not reach in any other way.

4. Easily repurposed – You can quickly, easily, and with a minimal amount of effort repurpose your articles into other forms of information and products that you deliver to your list. One article can turn into many products.

5. Brands you as the expert – What is the advantage of being branded as an expert? When you are branded as the expert you become the go to person. As the go to person, people will come to you with their struggles, looking for solutions that they will pay you for, in any economy.

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