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Wow! I’ve been a speaker for 25 years and I learned some new stuff during the most recent Article Guy TeleSeminar on

“Article Marketing – How to Use a Signature Speech to Promote Your Business” with our special guest Felicia Slattery.

Click here to give it a listen. And while you are over there, register for the next free Article Guy TeleSeminar on

“Article Income Secrets – How to Cash In on Simple 7 Tips Articles”

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Jeff Herring

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  • Felicia Slattery

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff-
    I’ve been receiving comments like this from people all week who were either on the live call or listened to the recording. Once people know and understand how easy it is to market a business with public speaking, they want to jump on the bandwagon.

    When people ask me the top 2 ways to build a list I tell them:
    1. Online: Article Marketing
    2. Offline: Public speaking in your community
    (and of course both methods work for online and offline businesses!)

    Both have worked to build me a successful business.

    When I learned the right way of writing and submitting articles, I was shocked at what I didn’t know. It’s the same with public speaking for most of my clients.

    Sounds like you’re having fun in LA!

  • Duncan Brodie

    Reply Reply

    Hi Jeff

    Felicia produces some great stuff. I purchased her Cash In On Speaking e-book and find it a great resource.

    Duncan Brodie
    Goals and Achievements

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