Article Marketing Secrets – The Greater Your Article Volume, The Greater All Your Other Numbers Will Be

Here is my best article on Article Marketing for 2007:

Article marketing is simply a numbers game. The higher your article volume, the higher all your other numbers will be. That’s it, thank you and good night.

Really I could stop there and you would have some great and useable information. But there is this little thing about minimum word count, so I’ll explain that statement a bit more.

Article marketing is a numbers game

Here is why this statement is so important and powerful. Most people that begin in article writing and article marketing will write one or maybe even a few articles, wait for all the wonderful results that do not come right away, and then claim that article marketing does not work.

Article marketing works. Some people do not work, however.

The bare minimum number of articles on the internet that you need to just begin to see a steady trickle of traffic is 25. Everything after 25 articles increases the trickle.

If you are serious about article marketing, life really begins at 250 articles. If this article is accepted, it will give me 1017 articles on just one article directory. I could not stop the flood of daily traffic if I wanted to, and I sure don’t want to.

Here is what I know –

If I want more traffic, I write more articles.

If I want more prospects, I write more articles.

If I want to build my list, I write more articles.

If I want more subscribers, I write more articles.

If I want more customers, I write more articles.

I think you get the point. If you want to raise any of your important numbers, write more great quality articles.

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And coming tomorrow, the best Article Income and Product Creation article of 2007…so stay tuned!

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