Article Marketing Secrets – 7 Ways an Article-a-Day Keeps Recession Away

Article marketing has recession-proofed my online businesses.

Now I know that is a big claim, and lots of people are talking about how to recession-proof your business right now.Read on to discover how to really do it with Article Marketing and the article-a-day strategy.

Here are 7 ways an article-a-day can recession-proof your business:

1. Extend your reach – I like to call my articles my “international evergreen article agents.” My articles allow me to reach all over the world into many markets that I could not have reached in any other way. And they are evergreen, which means they are out there forever, delivering good information with links back to my websites and blogs. For example, just one article I has published online in August of 2005 still receives an average of 1500 unique views each month. And once you learn how to do it the right way, is is free.

2. Unlimited content – One of the things you must have on the internet is content, and lots of it. When you write an article a day, you create an unlimited stream of regular content. While most online entrepreneurs are worried about where their next content is coming from, you are creating content everyday.

3. Repurposing – When you create an article a day, you have arrived in repurposing heaven. You can take just one article and turn it into multiple marketing messages such as a blog post, a teleseminar, ebooks, ecourses, and so much more. Repurposing leads to…

4. Even more content – Your content creation does not stop with your article creation. When you repurpose your articles into multiple marketing messages, you are creating even more content. The more content you have, the greater web presence you can create. I’m getting ahead of myself though, because that is number five.

5. Create a massive web presence – When you have a storehouse of content and turn it into multiple marketing messages, you are then able to create a massive web presence. What is the advantage of a massive web presence? Prospects find you everywhere, and you begin to be seen as the go-to-person in your niche. And remember this:

A massive web presence is not created in a day, A massive web presence is created a little bit everyday.

6. Ups your expert-ability – I define your “expert-ability” as your perceived expert status in the mind of your prospect. When you are creating article content just about everyday you will quickly be seen as an expert in your field. Even better, you come to be seen as THE go-to-expert in your niche.

7. Rapid product creation – Another thing you need to be successful on the internet in any economy is many products, or what can be called an information empire. As an article writer and article marketer, you have the keys to your own information empire kingdom. You can quickly repurpose your articles into teleseminars, ebooks, ecourse, DVDs, and many other information products.

And to get started with your article-a-day campaign, you can claim your free instant access to my 7 Tips Article Writing Template when you go to

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  • Andrew Poletto

    Reply Reply

    As usual, awesome info! Jeff, you Da Man!

  • Thanks, Jeff, You keep pushing us back at the work with new eyes. And there are lots of little truths in what you say that keep us plugging away… Everything takes so much longer than you think it will, but if in the meantime you just keep writing and changing tiny little things, it gets better. all of a sudden the # of readers per article increases maybe only by one or two, but still, you see one topic you wrote on that people liked and another (always your favorite) that was a yawner, so you find a new way to write more about the topic the people want to hear about. what a concept.

    I also can’t tell you, how important it is to have a community, no matter how loosely affiliated. I live in a small town where both my message and my method (web based business) aren’t so much suspect as unknown. so reading other people’s progress on the blogs is really helpful. ah, they did it i can. or just they did it!

  • You are always a wonderful source of information!

  • Nicola

    Reply Reply

    I have been following your content for a while now Jeff and I always get at least one gem from each article I read. This one is practical has gives great perspective in relation to chipping away at building presence on the net. Thank you

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