Article Marketing Questions – What is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing Questions – What is Article Marketing? (Nice to Begin With the Basics)

I recently had the privilege of leading an Article Marketing Round Table Discussion at the Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference in Dallas. There was standing room only at each of the 4 sessions and lots of great questions were asked. Many people had a very fundamental question to ask, and I’ve included it here is this article for you.

What is Article Marketing?

A: Kinda nice to start at the basics. The thing most folks think about when they hear Article Marketing is “Ugh, work. I gotta write something?”

Here’s the thing – when most of us think about writing, we are transported back to English class and red marks or our papers. The reality is these 2 things:

1) You English teacher is not here, and

2) If you are as old as I am, he or she is probably dead.

No offense to any English teachers out there. (There was an English teacher at one of the round table discussions.)

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