Article Marketing Questions – What is Article Marketing? (Nice to Begin With the Basics)

question markI recently had the privilege of leading an Article Marketing Round Table Discussion at the Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference in Dallas. There was standing room only at each of the 4 sessions and lots of great questions were asked. Many people had a very fundamental question to ask, and I’ve included it here is this article for you.

What is Article Marketing?

A: Kinda nice to start at the basics. The thing most folks think about when they hear Article Marketing is “Ugh, work. I gotta write something?”

Here’s the thing – when most of us think about writing, we are transported back to English class and red marks or our papers. The reality is these 2 things:

1) You English teacher is not here, and

2) If you are as old as I am, he or she is probably dead.

No offense to any English teachers out there. (There was an English teacher at one of the round table discussions.)

Creating Content

Article Marketing begins with creating your content. An Article is simply a sample of your expertise in 400 – 500 words. An article is not everything you know, just a sample slice of what you know. And you do not have to write academically – it is much better to write conversationally, or write like you talk.

The Bigger Answer

The bigger answer is Article Marketing = Internet Marketing, because no matter your niche, you need the following 5 things to be successful online: content creation, online visibility, traffic generation, list building, and product creation. Article Marketing provides all 5 faster, easier and with less overall effort than any other available system. Let’s take a quick look at each of these 5 benefits:

Content Creation – when you regularly create 400-500 word articles you are creating content faster and easier than anyone else.

Online Visibility – Getting your articles on the Article Directories and then on the various Social Marketing platforms you are creating a massive web presence and enormous online visibility.

Traffic Generation – When you create online visibility with your articles many more people are clicking on the links in your articles and visiting your web sites and blogs.

List Building – Article Marketing is a great way to build a highly qualified and hyper-responsive list. Readers click on the links in your Resource Box at the end of your article and then trade their email address for more good information from you.

Product Creation – When you create content you are creating your info products. Expand what you have written of bundle what you have written and you can create text products. And you can turn what you have written into audio and video info products as well.

Just one more tip before we’re done: Create your content with content creation templates.

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