Article Marketing Questions – How Many Click-Thrus Should a Great Resource Box Get?

question mark 2Q: How many article views do you want to see before you judge a resource box a success or failure?

A: Great question. Some of that is topic or niche sensitive. It’s dependent on the niche. I like to get at least 50 views on an article before I’m determining whether that resource box is a good one or not, whether it’s pulling for me or not.

Views & Click-Thru Ratio

If I’ve got 50 views and I don’t have more than five click-throughs then I’m going to start wondering and looking at what’s wrong. Is it my article? Does the article not flow? Does it not keep the attention? Is it the resource box? Is it not clear about what they’re being asked to do? Is it one I’ve used over and over again and it’s kind of gotten stale for people?

Make sure you are crystal clear about what you are offering and benefits it will give your reader/prospect. Pretend you are the reader/prospect and answer these questions:

1. What is this?

2. What’s in if for me?

3. Do I trust this person?

4. Do I feel good about getting this?

50 is a good round number to look at because then you can start looking at percentages and data. You want to be getting at least 10% for most things. Some will teach you to shoot for between 2 and 12% click-through rate. I like to set the bar a little bit higher than that and shoot for around 10% at minimum, always aiming for higher and higher.

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