Article Marketing Questions – How Important is a Blog and Blogging in the Article Marketing Mix?

Q: How important is blogging as part of the whole package? It feels like one thing too many!

A: Well, I certainly understand how you can feel like a blog might be one thing too many to manage on a regular basis. At the same time, when you set it up correctly, a blog can be very time efficient, and become the hub of your internet marketing presence.

Let’s take a closer look at 4 of the top reasons to have a blog:

1. More and more prominent internet marketers are using a Word Press blog as the hub of their internet marketing presence. Check out Alex Mandossian’s blog or Mike Stewart’s blog for great examples.

2. Here’s one of the reasons that many internet marketers are using a blog as the hub of their internet presence: a blog gives you the opportunity to interact with your prospects and audience. You can post regularly and your audience can respond with comments to each post. In this way you can begin and continue an ongoing dialogue with your prospects and community.

3. Blogging and article marketing go hand in hand. I’ll take many of my articles and repurpose them on my blog. You can use an entire article on your blog and use a “split tag” where part of the article appears as a post on the front page and the rest of the entire article appears on another page. As long as the links in your Resource Box do not lead back to your blog, you can use the same article with no fear of duplicate content problems.

You can also take a 7 Tips Article and turn it into a 7 part blog series. If your article makes three points, you can turn repurpose your article into a three part blog series.

You can also go the other way just as powerfully. You can post a short article on which you are still working, get some feedback, and then submit the entire article to the article directories.

4. You can also set up your blog to automatically send an announcement to your Twitter account whenever you have a new blog post, which is a great strategy to automatically repurpose both your blog posts and your articles.

So in the final analysis, the little bit of time you will spend on your blog is far exceeded by the multiple marketing benefits you receive from your blog.

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