Article Marketing Questions – How Do I Post Articles in Several Different Niches?

question mark 2Q: Can you explain how to handle posting articles in several different niches? Do I need to use different author profiles, etc?

A: Good question. First, what I would say though is if you haven’t gone deep in one niche and made a profit in that niche yet, you don’t want to write in different niches. You want to get one going and working for you, and then spread out.

I say this first because the biggest trap that beginning and even experienced internet marketers fall into is trying to work in too many niches at one time. You start off thinking you are going to have multiple streams of income and you wind up with multiple streams of frustration and fatigue.

Pick one niche and go an inch wide and a mile deep. Get profitable in that niche before you branch out.

How to write articles in multiple niches

If you’re just starting out on the Article Directories, what you can do is have different pen names if they’re very different niches. I could have Jeff Herring as one. I could have J K Herring as another one. I could have Jefferies K Herring as one. So it is simply different versions of your name.

What you cannot do is have different accounts on  the Article Directories under different names because people use that for black hat stuff. Black hat being stuff they don’t want you to do, bad stuff, like trying to write the same article under a bunch of different names.

The strategy that you can use is to have different pen names for each niche.

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