Article Marketing Questions – Can I Send Someone From My Article to an Op-In Box on My Blog?

question markQ: Jeff, if I don’t have a landing page can I send someone from my resource box to a specific page on my blog and my blog has an opt-in box on it?

A: Yes, you can. If you don’t have a separate squeeze page set up yet, you can certainly send somebody to a page with an opt-in box on it. Sometimes to send traffic to my blog I’ll do that in my resource box. I’ll send them through my resource box to my blog, but in the upper left-hand corner of my blog, there is an opt-in box there. You can do that.

The downside

The downside is it’s not an official squeeze page. There’s other things on the page  to distract people from your opt-in box.. If you’ve got a blog and you’re working in your own blog, you can take that same opt-in box and put it on a page in your blog and just have that be the only thing on that page, and you can send them there as well.

If the URL for that blog page became too long, for example a URL like, you could buy another domain name and just forward it to that page on your blog.This makes it easier to say and easier for people to remember.

The bottom line is don’t hold back writing articles and sending people to an opt-in box on your blog just because you do not have a squeeze page yet. Start with the opt-in box on your blog and then get your squeeze page set up just as quickly as you can.

And then ultimately it is best to have both an opt-in box on all your pages and a separate squeeze page to benefit the most from your article marketing.

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