Article Marketing Q & A – What’s My First Step to Making Money? Articles? Blogging? TeleSeminars?

Q: I’m so overwhelmed with information I have analysis paralysis. Everyone has his/her opinion on how to start. Straight up–what’s my FIRST step to making money? Articles? Blogging? Teleseminars?

A: I’m going to give you four steps to break out of your “paralysis of analysis” and get you moving.

Step 1 – Pick a specific niche – 70% of the strategy sessions I do with my prospects and listeners invovle people who are struggling to clearly define their niche. Many times beginning marketers are interested in many things and trying to do them all at once.

This is a clear path to frustration and failure.

Pick one specific niche that you are interested in, has a potential audience, and that you will commit to for 90 days.

Step 2 – Get yourself a blog – The fastest way to create a web presence right now is to create a WordPress Blog, This will be the hub of your system. You can do anything on a blog that you can do on a website because a blog is a website. I recommend you have an opt-in box in the upper right hand corner of your blog, so your visitors can opt-in for more information from you, and so you can build your list.

Step 3 – Drive traffic with multiple articles – The quickest, cheapest and most powerful way to drive traffic to your new blog is to write multiple articles about topics in your niche. At the end of the article invite the reader back to your blog for more information from you. Multiple articles identify you as the expert and thought leader in your niche, and quickly raise the know, like and trust factor.

And when I say multiple articles, I do mean multiple – remember “an article a day keeps recession away.”

Step 4 – Follow up with teleseminars – Teleseminars are a great way to continue and deepen the know, like and trust factor that you began in your articles. Prospects have read your article and began to see how you approach and solve problems. On a teleseminar they are hearing your voice and experiencing your personality.

Following up with teleseminars is a great way to convince your prospect that they have chosen the right person to learn from and to invest in continuing education with you.

And to help you with building your list and creating your multiple articles, I’m inviting you to claim your free instant access to my List Building Instant Article Template when you visit

From Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy and The Great Article Marketing Network

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  • Barry McDonald

    Reply Reply

    Jeff, when you say to do teleseminars do you mean based on content from your articles?

  • Andrew Poletto

    Reply Reply

    Love this breakdown Jeff, it really does make perfect sense! Thank you.

  • Excellent advice, as always. If people will follow this plan, they will be successful! Particularly the part about the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey Jeff,

    We’ve have followed the advise that you have taught us.

    Step 1: Spectacular Presentations – Engage your audience, have them experience your message.
    Step 2: Our Blog
    Step 3:
    We learned the above from your teaching (thank-you)
    Step 4: Our Step 4 is to create a Spectacular Presentations from your/our teleseminars. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank for your great guidance and friendship.
    — Pat & Lorna

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Barry – That is the easiest way to do it, creating teleseminars from your articles, bcuz you already have the outline of your teleseminar in your article.

    You can also create teleseminars on other topics that you have not written articles about, and then have the teleseminar recorded and transcribed and pull articles from the transcription.

    Andrew & Cathy – Thank you – step by step it is not a difficult system.

    Pat & Lorna – You guys are doin’ it! Thank you for your support and friendship.


  • Brett Barrington

    Reply Reply

    Awesome information. It's always good to hear people giving free honest information out.

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