Article Marketing Q & A – Insider Secrets on Choosing a Niche, Repurposing, Crafting a Resource Box

Q: I’ve researched ezine articles and can’t find anyone else doing interior design business and that is my niche, do I find a new niche that I don’t know well? If I go decorative, not business of design, it isn’t my desired audience but DIY consumers.

A: Just because you cannot find anyone else doing your niche on EzineArticles does not mean that there are not articles about your niche there. They might be under a different category than you thought or under different keywords than you thought.

If you have done your keyword research and know there is a market for your services, then my recommendation is you blaze a trail of your own at EzineArticles. Choose the category that your niche most closely fits into. People search more by keywords than by category.

Make it a goal to get 25 articles published as soon as you can. Let your community know each time you have a new article. Make sure you have your account set up to automatically announce new articles on Twitter. Announce each new article on Twitter yourself as well.

Q: Should I put the same articles in my newsletter, blog, article sites, facebook, etc. or should the article marketing articles be different?

A: You can certainly use your article in your newsletter, blog, article sites, and Facebook. I would also create video articles, teleseminars, ecourses, and mention your articles on Twitter as well.

This is the purpose of article marketing, to “get your information in front of as many eyes as possible in as many consumable forms as possible.

This is called repurposing, which is the true definition of working smarter instead of harder.

Just make sure that if you have an article on an article directory with links in the resource box that lead to a site of yours where that same article resides, you need to make sure the two versions of your article are about 20% different.

Other than that, repurpose away.

Q: Jeff- you said use 1 (one) resource box for all 25 articles sending them presumably to a sales site. Could we also send them to a blog site (using some of those 25 article resource boxes) as long as it has an opt-in page? Or use different articles to send them to a niche-related blog site?

A: Let’s clarify a couple of things. What you put in your resource box and where you send your prospect depends on your purpose. If you want to use your articles to build your list, then use one link in your resource box and send them to an opt-in page.

If your goal is to make direct sales, I think it is better to send them to an opt-in page and then make the offer on the thank you page.

You can certainly send them to your blog with an opt-in box, if your goal is to “feed your blog.” Just know that some people will wind up reading your blog instead of opting in. Check my resource box below to see how you can direct their attention to the opt-in box.

And you can claim your free instant access to 2 of my Instant Article Writing Templates when you visit

Look for the opt-in box in the upper right hand corner – fair enough?

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  • Andrew Poletto

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    As usual Jeff, your stuff is right on!

  • I publish on ehow and sometimes Neowide and have never tried ezine articles. It sounds like it might be a good place to do my rewrites from ehow. Or maybe it should be the other way around?

    I appreciate that you gave percentage for rewrite. Sometimes my rewrites are way more like 70% redone!

    Thanks for the information .

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Alerady – You definitely need to get your articles on – will give you tons more reach – go to – then check out

    Thx for your comment


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