Article Marketing Q & A – How to Still Build Your List & Make Money When People Steal Your Articles

Q: I have set up a Google Alert to notify me when my name is found on the internet. This helps me see where some of my articles are used. I had one guy who totally took my links out of my resource box and replaced them with their own. Another guy kept my links in tact in my resource box but place his own anchor text links in the article itself. He didn’t change my wording, he just added his own anchor text words which made the reading awkward. How much of this unethical behavior do you see and is it much to worry about? In the case of the second example above, at least I will get links back. My thought is that most people are honest and ethical and to not too worry about the few who cheat the system but I want your expert advice and experience. Thanks. Have a great day. God bless!

A: Unfortunately it happens all the time.

One way to look at it is that at least you are getting found. And most important of all, is to not let it hold you back from getting your information out there.

Having said that, here are a couple of things you can do:

1. If you can get contact info on them, email and say:

“I noticed you are using one of my many articles in your website. Thank you, and there are lots more where that one came from. I also noticed that the links in the article are not active links back to me. Can you please add the following links to the article…”

Then you supply the links.

Then check back in a few days and if they have not changed the links, send the same email again and add “I am formally requesting that you add the originally included links back to me, as per the Editorial Guidelines of the Article Directories.” And then let EzineArticles know what is going on. After that, shake the dust off your feet and move on, because you want your attention and energy focused on moving forward.

2. You are right, most people are honest and on the up and up. There are a few on the internet who will rip off your stuff. The winning strategy is to make sure there are enough mentions of you, what you do and your links in anything that you produce that even when someone steals your stuff, you have built in ways to build your list and make profits.

The question then is not, “How do I prevent people from stealing my stuff?”

As your internet reach continues to grow, the question to ask is as follows:

“When people steal my stuff (notice not if, but when) how can I still build my list and make money?”

Keep doing what you are doing – get your articles out there, build your business, extend your reach, and build your profits.

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  • Barry McDonald

    Reply Reply

    They’ll always be people who rip you off but they’re never the ones that are successful online…funny that isn’t it??

    They come and go and no one ever misses them.

  • Martha

    Reply Reply

    Thanks, Jeff. What a good question. And response. I never thought about people stealing my material. We have to remember why we are doing what we are doing….to help people. We can’t let a few dishonest people keep us from spraeding the good.

  • Barry – I think you are right…black hat stuff can work for awhile, but in the end, it gets exposed.

    You just gotta keep moving forward.

    Thanks – Jeff

  • Cheri Sigmon

    Reply Reply


    Like others, I just see this as a cost of doing business online. It’s sad, but there are unethical folks in ANY arena. A case in point — not only are there “article thieves,” but also web sites sponsored by people who “acquire” (either steal, borrow, or actually buy) IM products, then post these products for download for others to take for “free.” These sites pop up and move IP’s quickly. It’s a “cost of” doing business; the thieves are NOT your valuable clients anyway, and anyone who would accept a *stolen* item isn’t likely someone you’d WANT as a client either. Being selective is a good thing. Focus on your “big rocks,” and write off the loss. Focus mainly on the positive value you’re delivering to clients.

    Hope this helps, Jeff. Help the people you can (the unethical ones don’t deserve your time and energy, bottom line). My 2 cents.



  • SavvyGrind Affiliate Marketing

    Reply Reply

    “Keep doing what you are doing – get your articles out there, build your business, extend your reach, and build your profits.”

    This tip applies to all obstacles. Never give up & keep working…

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