Content Marketing Q & A – Does Google Penalize You For Repurposing Your Articles?

question markQ: I know people ask you this all the time, and I’ve heard it before, but can you clarify this for me. Does Google penalize you for repurposing your articles into blog posts and newsletter articles? I use my articles everywhere, and my newsletter is actually an online web page in a folder on my blog.

For example, the same article is on the Article Directories, a blog post, a newsletter article, which is actually on a web page on my blog. Do I need to change the articles a little or am I okay? Thanks.

A: Yes, I do get asked that all the time. However, you’re forming and framing of the question is the best way I’ve ever been asked this. First, congratulations on repurposing your content. You’ve done a great job of it.

Duplicate content is a scary phrase. Here’s how you can avoid it. You can put your same articles on all those places just like I do. The way to avoid any trouble is simple.

Let’s say you’ve got an article on an Article Directory, and in the resource box there are links taking you back to your website – whether it’s a blog, a website, or anything else.

On that website, that same article exists, anywhere on that website, on a page they may never see since you’re sending them to an opt-in page. Those two articles need to be about 20% different.

So no, you don’t have to rewrite everything, just rearrange it a little bit, change the order of the tips, reword the introduction, etc. You don’t have to rewrite the whole article is what I’m trying to say. Then you’re safe.

The safest way to do this is for each one of your opt-in pages that you’re going to send people to from your resource box, just make that a separate one-page website and opt-in box, and then you don’t have to worry about anything. You can repurpose your articles all over the place.

If you’ve got articles on your website that are also on Article Directories, just make sure those two articles are 20% different.

With that said, keep repurposing the heck out of your content.

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