Content Marketing Q & A – Can You Use Your Articles As a Part of Your Membership Site Content?

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jeff herring, traffic generation, online trafficQ: For membership site content, can I use the same exact articles I’ve submitted to the Article Directories, or would that be considered duplicating content?

This is a great question because it speaks to the many, many ways in which you can repurpose your articles for content, traffic generation, list building, marketing messages and product creation.

Here you are talking about repurposing your articles as part of a membership site info product and the profits that can come from this.

No, it would not be considered duplicate content. Here’s why. You’re not going to send people from your resource box back to a membership site without them buying in, so you don’t have to worry about duplicate content.

Can you use the same content you’ve used on article directories in a membership site? Sure. Why not have a place in your membership site where they can get all those articles. They could be expanded, they could have questions with them, or they could be very much the same thing.

Part of what people are paying for is packaging.  If you don’t think people are going to pay for that, I want you to think of two words, Starbucks and Deer Park. A Starbucks cup of coffee, which is about $4 or so, is coffee beans, water, whipped cream, and maybe something else.

People are paying for the packaging of it and paying for the experience.

Deer Park – it’s water. But the funny part is, it’s water. We’re paying for the packaging of it and for the belief that it’s better than the other water, and I don’t know if it is or not.

The same thing occurs by putting your articles in a membership site. Put them in there. People want packaging. People want them all in the same place.

So crank out those great quality articles and then repurpose them into your membership sites.

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