Article Marketing & Product Creation – Every Article Contains the Seeds For an Information Product

barcodeDid you know that every article contains the beginning seeds of an information product? I’ll show you how this works with the strategies below.

When you create your content…

The way I teach Article Marketing is divided into 5 sections: Content Creation, Online Visibility, Traffic Generation, List Building, and Product Creation.

I tell my students and members that when they are creating their content (writing articles) they are also creating the beginning of their information products. This is because

Every article contains the seeds for a great information product

If you really get the power of this I know you will begin to do at least 2 things.1) Create more content (articles),
2) Begin to see each article as a potential information product.

One of the many reasons this is so cool is that product creation is one of those things on the Internet that has been made out to be way too complicated when it fact it does not have to be. If you can write articles (create content) you can turn those articles into information products.

Here are 2 ways to turn your articles into info products:

Content expanded – You can take any article and expand that content into an info product. For example, a 7 tips article is a great set up for an info product. You could take each of the 7 tips and create an article about each tip. Then bundle those 8 articles into one document and you have a mini-guide for your information product.

Using the same process you could turn each tip into a chapter and now you have a 7 chapter eBook as your information product.

Let’s say you have an article with 3 sub-headings. Each sub-heading could be a section of an information product with chapters under each section.

While it’s easier to expand articles that are already broken up by tips or sub-headings, you can expand any of your articles into a larger information product.

Content compiled – My first traditional book was simply a collection of the best of the first four years of my newspaper column. You can and should do the same with your articles.

You can compile all your articles around one topic in your niche. You could compile your best articles around three different topics in your niche and create a book with three sections of articles, and so on.

But why stop with books?

You can turn this compiled content into teleseminars, telecourses, and DVD sets.

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