Article Marketing – New Tool at Ezine Articles Boosts Your Article Marketing

CEO Chris Knight and his team at have done it again!

Just today they launched a brand new feature that enables you to list your most recent articles from Ezine Articles right on your web site.

Here is a picture to the left and to see it live scroll down this blog on the right hand side and see a list of my most recent 15 articles over at EZA. Chris wisely set it up so that the links only go to your articles and your reader has another chance to click on your links in your Resource Box.

Check it out, and way to go Chris!

PS – check back here for updates as I get creative with how to use this great new feature…

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  • admin

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    Connie you can make the widget much thinner in EZA when you create it…mine is set at 180 pixels. Give it a try.


  • Not only can you make it thinner (or fatter), you can control the number of posts it displays, effectively controlling the height too.

    One of the coolest widgets I’ve seen for article writers!

  • Steve Sponseller

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    Thanks for sharing this new feature. I appreciate all the content you provide through your articles and teleseminars. Thanks to your teaching, my first article on the Benefits of Becoming an Inventor will be submitted to Ezine Articles this evening.

    I’ll install this Widget on my blog soon.


  • Jeff,

    This widget is fantastic. What a great addition for a website or blog. Thanks for sharing the latest from

    Kind Regards,
    Tara Kachaturoff

  • I am looking forward to using this. Thanks for the tip!

  • What a great idea! I will definitely look into it. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Woo-Hoo!

    Wow, this is a great feature. I love that you share with us the latest gadgets and widgets Jeff. Can’t wait to pixel it into my new blog and have some fun with it.

    Can I have fries with that?


    Donna Marie Laino

  • Patricia Muscari

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    Great support for us, Jeff! Enjoyed checking them all out. Thanks!

  • Andie Snyder

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    Does it effect the rule about having duplicate content on your website/webpage?

    By the way, I could not get the small one on the top of your site to scroll down, only the one on the bottom did that.

    Liked what I heard of last nite’s teleseminar! Looking forward to having a moment to catch the second half on replay. Thanks!


  • Mark Nelson

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    Another great tip and tool for us to become successful.

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