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While doing some deeper Google searching today, I came across an article on the blog at Case Western Reserve University, of all places. (You take your wisdom where you can get it, right?)

Interestingly enough, they want you to know that this university in Cleveland, Ohio was established in 1826. The university, not the blog.

The title of the blog post I found interesting and worth sharing with you is “Raising Your Website Rankings.”  There were many tips for more back links and SEO, as you would expect in this kind of article, written in 2006, not 1823 when the university was founded. That’s not what caught my attention though.

What caught my attention was this quote:

“Original, relevant, high-quality content

I’ve discussed this before in other posts, but the bottom line is to make sure you are offering something worth reading. If your site on albino bunny rabbits includes the same old stuff I’ve seen before I will neither read it, nor link to it. Nor will I bother with information that is incomplete, incorrect or irrelevant to my particular concerns about bunnies.”

Now, I don’t know a thing about albino bunny rabbits, nor do I want to. Ever.

The point is this:  If your site (or article or blog post) on (fill in the blank with your topic)  includes the same old stuff I’ve seen before I will neither read it, not link to it

I think the post is worth a read just for this info alone – check it out here to improve your article marketing and content creation.

And if you are saying or thinking to yourself right now: “But Jeff, how can I create enough content to make a difference?” stop whining 😉 and check out this article on quickly creating good quality article content.

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