Article Marketing Guy Recommends – Ezine Articles Defines Exclusive Rights and Original Content

As you probably know, is the number one Article Directly for article submission. Currently they receive over 50 million unique visitors a month.

When you do the math, that comes out to:

over 1,666,666 unique visitors a day

over 69,444 unique visitors an hour

over 1,157 unique visitors in the minute it takes you to read this blog post

This is important because many online article marketers misunderstand this to mean that you have to submit brand new content to Ezine Articles. This holds many people back from repurposing their content – check out the blog post to get clear on this…

Once you get clear on this you will understand how to use your old content – old newsletter articles, old answers to questions, and blog posts, old articles not used on EzineArticles (of course, the content still needs to be relevant information for today) and repurpose them on Ezine Articles for much more traffic and reach.

You are also invited to check out this article on how to create all the articles content you will ever need – simply click here now! You’ll learn about powerful “Rapid Article Writing (RAW) strategies for creating all the great original articles you will ever want or need.

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