Article Marketing Guy Presents: Facebook vs. Twitter and Surprising Results

I remember when I first got on Twitter and wondering “who cares what I had for lunch?” Then I discovered that some online marketers were finding that their following was becoming more responsive than their email list.

That got my attention. So I focused on building my  following with software like and have built my following to just over 75K at the time of this blog post.

And I just love my Facebook Fan Page – G*U*T*S – Go Use This Stuff – Facebook is the number 2 website in the world. I admire how they are constantly improving what they do and provide.

I love how quickly you can get a message out on Twitter. At the same time, it has begun to take on the feel of fast food. Nice and quick, but just how good for you is it really?

Facebook is more like sitting down in a decent restaurant. It takes longer, but you are getting better stuff.

To continue the analogy, I guess your blog is more like fine dining when you do it right. But that is a post for another day.

What I want to draw your attention to is a blog post I just read over on Mashable entitled Nearly Half of Americans Use Facebook; Only 7% Use Twitter [STUDY]

Say what?

I was not aware that the difference is so huge. The post does a good job of breaking down the number of average Americans who use Facebook vs. those who use Twitter.  Astounding difference.

It seems those most involved in Twitter are those who have a large following and are thought leaders in their area of expertise.

It’s an interesting study that I suggest you check out.

I’m still going to use both to my marketing advantage, and I believe you should do so as well.

To learn more about how to leverage Facebook,  and other Social Media sites for your marketing adavantage, check out my article on “Online Visibility With Your Articles – How to Get Found & Be Seen Everywhere in Your Niche


  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Which do you use more often, and why? Facebook or Twitter?

    ~ Jeff

  • I definitely like FB a lot more, pretty much for the reasons you gave. I feel almost invisible on Twitter most of the time, even when I’m asking a direct question.

    I do like Twitter though for finding new people to connect with. It’s not as easy to do on FB in my opinion because on Twitter you don’t have to follow to see at least a short bio/site link. If I believe it’s someone that I want to make a stronger connection with though, I almost always check their site to find their FB link.

    I think part of which one is best to use also comes down to the personal preference of the person you are trying to contact. Most people have a fave contact method, so if you can figure that out and reach out to them there, you may get more response & interaction.

    Not sure how long Twitter will be a major player, again for the reasons you mentioned, but I think FB is going to continue to be a game changer.

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