Article Marketing Guy Presents A Natural Link Love Story

One of my almost daily rituals on searching the net for articles about Article Marketing. My thinking is if I can pick up just one little gem that I can use to help my business, then it’s time well spent.

This is part of my “an inch wide and a mile deep” into your niche philosophy.

Today I came across a blog post about building links that I thought you might enjoy. The post is called “A Natural Link Love Story” and you can click on the title that is now 33 characters behind you…

What I liked…

The author did a great job of using a relationship analogy to explain high quality link love. In face, here are his subheadings under “relationship advice”:

(1) Don’t Take Yourself for Granted

(2) Be Careful Who You Love

(3) Natural Link-Love Is Real

How could you do the same thing in your content creation?

What I disagreed with…

The author mentions a few strategies that get you only low quality links, and includes Article Marketing in that list.


He also talks about articles taking up to an hour to write. You and I know that when you use my strategies, you can easily create great articles in way less than sixty minutes. More like 30 minutes tops.

Again, when you do it right and use the strategies I teach and promote,  you can leverage Article Marketing for many, many high quality links into your web site or blog.

And for some more tips on how to create that great quality content, check out this article marketing content creation article.

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