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This discussion on yesterday’s Sunday Morning Inspiration reminds me of something I learned when I first went full time online:

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When you act with boldness and put yourself out there, doors will open that would have not otherwise opened. And even better, doors will open that would not have opened for any one but you…

Open some doors today!

~ Jeff

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  • Reminds me of one of an ancient fable:

    A boy playing in the fields got stung by a nettle.

    He ran home to his mother, telling her that he had touched that nasty weed and it had stung him.

    “It was just your touching it, my boy”, said the mother, “that caused it to sting you. The next time you meddle with a nettle, grasp it tightly and it will do you no hurt.”

    Do boldly what you do at all. ~ Aesop.

    There is greatness in being BOLD.

  • Jeff Herring

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    So whats will you open with boldness today?

    This week?

    This month?

    This year?

    This lifetime?

    ~ Jeff

  • Elissa Joy ( EJ) Shames

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    wow.. You know, acting in boldness has been scary!!! I have been holding myself back for fear people would not like me, or hire me, or want what I have.

    What is really the case is that I have not TRUSTED,,,, and have not been bold enough to try!!
    Getting myself out to the people who want/need what I have can only be a good thing!

    Soooo. the question is.. what Am I going to be BOLD at doing this week ( we’ll start there.. and work my way up!)

    I will step into my own Power, and Contact the people who would best benefit by what I have and WRITE THEM A LETTER.. whew. That seems pretty bold right now. Next week, I will be taking a bigger bolder step!

    Peace and light…
    Elissa Joy
    and thanks for the two stories Jeff and Maritza!!

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