Article Marketing For Beginners – Your Content Creation & Your Content Distribution Strategies

Article marketing is a powerful source for both content creation and content distribution. In fact, it is the best strategy I know of for getting your start on the Internet. Let’s take a closer look at these two powerful strategies.

Article Marketing and Your Content Creation

You need content, I need content, all God’s children need content. Unfortunately, this is where most beginning marketers get stuck. They either don’t know how to create enough content to make a difference, or they have no system for continually creating content.

When you consistently create great quality articles, you are creating your content empire 300 – 500 words at a time. Don’t miss the power in what I just said, because those that get it can become a powerful force on the Internet.

When you regularly create great quality articles you are heads and tails above other marketers who struggle daily with creating their first content or just a trickle of content.

Side note: Can you have other people create your articles for you? Yes, you can, but I don’t recommend it, because they are not speaking in your voice, and so much of this is the “know, like and trust” factor of getting to know YOU.

Article Marketing and Your Content Distribution

Now that you are creating your content on a regular basis, how do you get people to see it? Well, the old way that some people still try (and wonder why it does not work) is put their articles up on their website and hope someone finds them.

You don’t have to do that, because there are these cool sites called Article Directories. Their main purpose on the planet is to house and display your articles for others to use. In other words, other people can come to Article Directories and find your information for two main reasons:

1) They want to read, study and learn from your information, and

2) They have a web site, blog or newsletter, they need content, and they don’t have the skill (that you know have) or time to create their own content. So they use and distribute yours to their followers, complete with links back to your web sites and blogs.

This is the best free way to benefit from OPT – Other People’s Traffic on the Internet


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